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Pipe network gas extinguishing system qmq4.2/90 sevoflurane
    發布時間: 2019-07-17 10:24    

Product name: pipe network type sevofluoropropane fire extinguishing series

Brand name: zhe 'an

Production address: no. 56 yutou fire protection industrial park, yutou town, jiangshan city, zhejiang province

Marketing center: security city, 158 honggang mountain road, jiangshan city, zhejiang province

Introduction to pipe network type sevoflouropropane fire extinguishing series:


Sevofluoropropane gas automatic fire extinguishing system device is the most widely used type in the world at present, its clean and environmental protection, non-conductive, not destroy atmospheric ozone, under normal temperature pressure liquefaction, under normal temperature and pressure conditions can all volatilize. No residue after extinguishing. The principle of fire extinguishing is to interrupt the burning chain and put out the fire quickly.

Of seven fluorin propane fire extinguishing system main components of fire extinguishing agent storage bottles, containers, one-way valve, metal high-pressure pipe, extinguishing agent, signal feedback device, safety relief valve, selector valve, header pipe, drive, drive the group header pipe, solenoid valve, nozzle pipe fittings and other components, can be divided into unit, independent group distribution form, enforce the protection of single zone and the zone. The system has automatic control, electrical manual control, mechanical emergency manual control three ways.

Non - toxic and non - residual characteristics of deep - rooted, the application of technology is very mature.


Technical name
specifications QMQ4.2/90N/120N/150N/180N
Storage container volume (L) 90L.120L.150L.180L
Filling density of fire extinguishing agent (kg/m3) ≤1120KG/M3
Storage pressure (20℃)
Valve drive device origin pressure 6.0±1.0MPa(20℃)
Time of release of fire extinguishing agent ≤10S
Starting voltage supply DC 24V 1A
Storage room temperature requirements -10℃~55℃
Valve driver nitrogen source pressure (20℃) 6.0Mpa
Automatic start delay time Adjustable from 0 to 30s
Maximum working pressure (50℃) 5.3Mpa
To protect the area Maximum single area 3600m3
Start the way Automatic, electrical manual, mechanical emergency operation
Execution standard GB25972-2010

Fire protection for:

Electrical and electronic equipment fire;

Combustible liquid and soluble solid fire;

Fixed surface fire;

Can cut off the gas source before extinguishing.

Widely applicable to the following enclosed places:

Precious treasures, data files, software and hardware facilities, communication rooms, computer rooms, etc.;

The use of water spraying system will cause water loss facilities;

Equipment and areas where it is difficult to remove residues after spraying fire extinguishing agents;

Areas where people often work, such as computer rooms, communication control centers, etc.

Functional features:

A set of pipe network fire extinguishing system can protect eight protection areas at the same time. The total project cost will be reduced to facilitate centralized monitoring and maintenance. The equipment needs bottle groups and is suitable for new projects. The design and installation are complicated and the construction period is long. The horizontal differential pressure type double-seal container valve is adopted to ensure high sealing and safety.